Samchykivka Hand-Painted Utensils and Container


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A wooden box with 6 different utensils, hand painted with very rare Ukrainian Samchikov decorative folk style on all sides with Tree of Life and animals: horse, bird, cat and fish. It will bring a special flavor to your cooking and will bring luck to your home.
One of a kind, will never be repeated!
– Box size 4 x 4 x 6 inches
– Protected by varnish
– No varnish on the working areas.

Almost Lost Ukrainian Folk Art – Very Rare and Unique Samchikov Decorative Painting

Samchikov decorative paintings with fantastic floral ornaments are considered talismans. One of the most popular and widespread ornaments is the image of a flowerpot as a symbol of the universe, the “tree of life”, as it was understood in ancient times by our ancestors.
The peculiarity of Samchykivka lies in the plot. These are stories from carols, Christmas carols, Ukrainian folk art, fairy tales and more. The painting is similar to a tapestry, made by a large jagged patterns and elements, which are divided by contrasting or subcontracting colors
After the Second World War, the tradition of Samchikov paintings declined and was almost lost. The new life of Samchykivka began in the 70s of XX century with the discovery of several patterned houses and chests in the villages of Severyny and Samchyky Since then, local artists began to develop this painting, preserving its traditional elements and developing new plots. Hopefully, this still rare and unique art will be fully resurrected.

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Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in

Painting, varnish, wood


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