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Unique t-shirt with sushki (or baranki) around neck
An elevated raw neck detail on this unisex triblend t shirt for your fashion collection, adds just the right amount of cool to this shirt. Tri-blend fabric makes it wear-all-day soft to the touch.

Since ancient times in Russia, prosperity in the house has always been determined by the presence of a large amount of bread. Russian sushki (сушки), baranki and bubliki бублики) – these were the most popular flour products, which they not only ate, but also decorated the walls of old houses with them, and proudly wore around necks bringing them home from a market. In addition to the fact that they played the role of talismans and decorations for the Russian people, it was also an attribute of traditional Russian tea drinking. When the Russians set the table, they always served mountains of sushki, baranki and bubliki for tea on decorated trays.

Sushka is a solid ring-shaped product made of dough, which today not only Russians know, but also Belarusians, Ukrainians and other Slavik people. The name “sushki” comes very simply from the word “сушить” – to dry.

Baranki appeared in Belarus, and then spread throughout Russia. To prepare them, the dough was pre-scalded and pre-rolled into bundles. Baranki got their name due to the fact that they looked like a ram’s horn (in Russian – baran, “баран”).

Bublik is not only a traditional Russian flour product, but also a symbol of Russian culture. The very same word “бублик” came to Russia from the Ukrainian language and literally translates as “bubble”.

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