U Lukomorya/By the Bay Women’s T-Shirt


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Ultra-comfy, ultra-soft American Apparel poly-cotton blend
PLEASE NOTE: This t-shirt is in a women’s fit, which runs smaller than a unisex fit.

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U Lukomorya – By the Bay – is the prologue to the epic fairy tale Ruslan and Lyudmila by the “founder of modern Russian literature,” Russian poet and sex symbol, Alexander Pushkin. It tells the tale of Lyudmila, daughter of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, captured by the nasty dwarf-wizard Chernomor and the adventures the brave knight Ruslan goes through to rescue her. Pushkin based the story on Russian folktales he heard as a child so many classic characters have cameos in the poem.

View the illustration in detail and read the poem at http://kurochkagifts.com/bythebay


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