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These Easter eggs are made of wooden eggs (read: unbreakable), and images of Ukrainian pysanky.
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The word pysanka (pysanky is plural) is derived from the Ukrainian verb pysaty, which means “to write,” (писати in Ukrainian); also, from the Russian word писать or расписывать – “to decorate”.
Pysanky are traditionally given as gifts to family members and friends. Many people feel that the decorative eggs work to scare off bad spirits from the home.
In Christianity, eggs are a common symbol of the resurrection of Christ. Ukrainian Easter eggs often feature complex geometric and floral designs. Traditional designs on the eggs are filled with religious meaning; for example, triangles on eggs represents the Holy Trinity. Different regions of Ukraine decorate eggs in different ways. The pysanky in Western Ukraine draw chicks to represent fertility, and deer to represent strength and prosperity. Different villages may have specialized in particular motifs, but some of the most common imagery includes depictions of the sun, birds, a ladder (to symbolize prayers making their way toward heaven), the tree of life, flowers, and geometric designs.

The color palette used in pysanky eggs is equally important to the design; people believe that a more colorful egg means more good luck. Some colors are more popular than others. Red, for instance, symbolizes love, hopes of marriage, and life-giving blood; white is associated with purity, light, and virginity; yellow is associated with the moon and stars as well as the harvest; and black is regarded as a spiritual color related to the afterlife.

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