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You will stand out in your t-shirt with our unique design, the hand-drawn candies:
Аленка – Alenka (girl’s name)
Ромашки – Chamomiles
Кара-кум – Karakum (desert)
Мишка Косолапый – Teddy Bear Clubfoot
Коровка – Caw
Шипучка – Fizz
Белочка – Squirrel
Красная Шапочка – The Little Red Hood
Красный Мак – Red Poppy
Барбарис – Barberry
Рот Фронт – Red Front
Раковые Шейки – Lobsters’ necks

Russian candies have very specific recognizable wrappers, as well as the taste – very sweet toffee-like, made by carefully heating equal amounts of milk or cream and sugar. They started their existence from many years ago. The most famous confectionery factory is “Red October” – “Красный Октябрь”, the oldest in Russia. The official date of foundation of the enterprise is considered to be 1851.
Another one, almost 200 years old, is “Red Front” – “Рот Фронт, “Красный Фронт” (from German Rotfront оr Rote Front)
These candies are very popular and tremendously loved by children and adults not only in Russia, but all over the world.

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