Framed Mirror with Copper Design


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Mirror with healing copper and mosaic from egg shells | Gift for Yourself, Housewarming or Any Occasion
Frame: plywood; copper shavings, egg shells, rope.
Diameter: 12 inches
Mirror: 4.5 inches
Only one available; will never be repeated.

You should touch the copper every now and then, and the mirror will share his good spirit and positive energy with you.
Why? Here is the answer:

The ancient god Hephaestus made the invincible Achilles’ shield out of copper for a reason – this is a miraculous metal that provides not only physical, but also energetic protection.
From ancient times, copper played a big role in many cultures of the world. Tools, jewelry, ritual objects, sacred knives, prayer books, candlesticks, etc. were made from this magical metal. Not without reason, protective talismans and amulets have been made from copper. Copper bracelets, rings and pendants are one of the most powerful amulets that protect a person from the negative impact on his energy. This is the greatest natural force that regulates and controls the work of all body systems. It has the most beneficial effect on a person, clarifies feelings and contributes to their strength and stability.

Copper is considered the metal of peace, reconciliation and natural justice. It is very beneficial to have copper objects at your home because copper fills the house with positive energy. This helps to smooth out the conflicts that often arise in everyday life, as well as relieve stress and overexertion.
In addition to copper’s multiple benefits, copper decoration is beautiful – its signature reddish-orange shine makes copper a perfect touch for any home decor, regardless of theme or trend.

There is also an exacting story about the Mistress of the Copper Mountain of

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in

copper, egg shells, epoxy resin, mirror, plywood


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