Cabin on Chicken Legs Custom Animated Birthday Card (Digital)


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Forgot someone’s birthday or don’t know how to buy stamps? Send a customized digital greeting card instead. Warm your friend’s or loved one’s heart with a custom message delivered by the tall, leggy cabin on chicken legs.

Add the following information to the Notes field during checkout or email it to after your purchase: name of receiver, greeting text (max. 4 lines, ~30 characters per line), your name and weather you want the animation to repeat or only play once. We will send you an animated GIF which you can send by email to your giftee. Please allow 1 day for creation.

Width: 800px, height: 578px
Duration: around 1 minute
Languages: Russian or English

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In the Cabin on Chicken Legs lives Baba Yaga, that (in)famous Russian witch. When the magical words are said, the Hut will turn its front and will tell the greeting words to a person. Learn more about Baba Yaga and her hut here.


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