Plant Pot with Baba Yaga Face


Materials: paper mâché, paint, bronze, varnish, magic, plant pot

Height: 3.25 Inches; Width: 3.5 Inches

Beautiful, antique style, unique work of art with useful function.
You can use a variety of plants, which will look like Baba Yaga’s hair.Please choose Baba Yaga pot with jute twine hair ($35) or without hair.This pot is made from the special compound, similar to paper mâché, but much stronger, painted à la bronze and covered with waterproof varnish. It has a plastic container inside.Note: because each pot is hand-made, the Baba Yaga’s face looks different on each pot.

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In the Cabin on Chicken Legs lives Baba Yaga, that (in)famous Russian witch. She`s ugly, with a hook nose, a hunchback, crooked yellow teeth and dirty, torn rags. And yet, she has a certain charm, a je-ne-sais-quoi we can`t quite place.

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