About the Brand

Who are you? What is this? Where am I?

Kurochka Gifts was started by mother-daughter team Ellen and Yana, two Soviet Union imports to Brooklyn. We make small batches of unique gifts for the mind, heart, and home with designs inspired by Russian & Ukrainian folklore, fairy tales, culture and food. We’ve even written a cookbook!

Our products make wonderful gifts for those who grew up in an Eastern European culture or who have taken an interest in it for whatever reason, as well as for their  friends and loved ones who want to share in that culture.

Product Details – T-Shirts

Tell me more about the shirts.

A rapidly diminishing number of our shirts was printed on super sort, high quality American Apparel garments using screenprinting techniques.

Recently, we invested the technology required to make t-shirts ourselves, which frees us up in terms of colors, t-shirt styles, quantities, and other limiting factors we faced when using a third party screenprinter. Newer shirts are made using this tech.

We are also using shirts from Bella+Canvas, who manufacture high quality basis in trendy styles. We wear these shirts ourselves and can personally vouch for their quality, stylishness, and comfort.

Wait, so how are you making the shirts now?

We’re using a white toner printer to print the designs and a heat press to transfer them to the shirt. This is not the heat-printed shirts of 90s downtown Manhattan tourist shop quality. After printing, designs remain lightweight, solid, and bright.

How do I care for my shirt?

As with anything, proper care will extend the life of your shirt. The cooler the water and gentle your cycle, the better. Avoid ironing over the graphic.

I don’t see my size/I want this design on another type of product.

Don’t see your size? Want this design on something else, like a phone case, mug, or pillowcase? We offer the opportunity to buy our design in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles on threadless at kurochka.threadless.com. While it may be prohibitively expensive for us to offer certain styles at this time, we hope this is a satisfactory solution.
Please note: your items will be produced and shipped by threadless. We’ve checked the quality of their garments ourselves, but we are not involved in their production.

Product Details – Handmade

Tell me about your handmade items.

Handmade gift items are created by one of our co-founders, Ellen or Yana. These are home decor items that we paint by hand, creating truly unique and one-of-a-kind gifts. These are obviously limited in quantity and sometimes subject to our whims. If you can get your hands on one, snatch it up because there may not be another.

Shipping, Handling, and Returns

What shipping services do you use?

We use USPS First Class mail for domestic shipping and Priority Mail for international shipping.

How can I find the shipping cost on your website?

You can find the shipping costs by entering your address during checkout.

What about free shipping?

Free shipping on orders over $50!

How fast do you ship the orders?

We ship orders within 24 hours on weekdays (take that, Amazon!). Please allow about one week for US delivery, and an unspecified (but hopefully brief) time for customs in international countries.

Allow extra time for shipping around the holidays.

Can I change the shipping speed or method?

Email us at kurochkagifts@gmail.com.

Can I track my shipment?

Yep. When the package ships, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number.

What should I do if my order arrives damaged, or it’s not right?

It is highly unlikely, but if it happens, email us at kurochkagifts@gmail.com and we can either exchange or refund your purchase. Please note that we can refund but cannot send pre-paid returns labels for items that don’t fit or if you’ve had a change of heart. Check the size charts carefully (or email us!) before ordering.

Staying in Touch

Do you have a newsletter?

Hell yeah! We don’t send it often, but when we do, it’s to announce new products, discounts, sales, and share blog posts or interesting news and links about relevant topics. And we will never, ever share your email address with anyone, even under threat or torture.

You can see an archive of past newsletters here.

How do I subscribe to/unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can sign up for our newsletter by clicking here. You can unsubscribe by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the newsletter.

Where else can I find you?

Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is for product announcements, behind the scenes, and fun, colorful stuff. Facebook too, with the addition of interesting, relevant links from other sources.

I Like to Save Money.

Do you have discounts?

When you purchase something, you receive a 10% discount off your next purchase. You also get 15% off when you sign up for our newsletter. And of course we run occasional sales. Follow us to stay informed!

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