Ukrainian and Russian Folk Art Christmas Ornaments


These beautiful Ukrainian and Russian folk art style Christmas ornaments will add a touch of traditional charm to your holiday décor. Slavic folk art is known for its bright colors and floral patterns, making this ornament a unique and festive addition to any holiday collection.
Materials: unbreakable glass balls covered with images of different Russian and Ukrainian folk painting styles.
Measuring 1.75″x1.75″, it is the perfect size to hang on your tree of any size or display on a mantel.
These ornaments come in a beautiful see-through box with gold ribbon which make them perfect for gifting.



Russian and Ukrainian folk arts are rooted in and reflective of the cultural life and include objects which historically are crafted and used within a traditional community. They encompass the body of expressive culture associated with the fields of folklore and cultural heritage.

Folk art may tell a lot about the Russian and Ukrainian national character and history, giving insight into people’s ideals of beauty and happiness. There are dozens of various types of folk art, including woodcarving, lace-making, beading, wood and metal painting, ceramics, prints, embroidery and items made of leather and fur. Many of folk-art styles are world-renowned, such as matryoshkas, Gzhel ceramics, Zhostovo trays, the shawls of Pavlovsky Posad, Volgda lace-making, Rushniks, Dymkovo toys, as well as the painting and decorating techniques of Petrykivka, Palekh, Khokhloma and Gorodets.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in