Russian & Ukrainian Folk Art Easter Eggs


These Easter eggs are made of plastic (read: unbreakable), with images of different Russian and Ukrainian folk art (and a couple of designs that are just too beautiful not to share). Please indicate which category of designs you want by selecting the number from the dropdown. Apologies in advance but we can’t guarantee specific designs.

This year, we have a variety of designs:
Zhostovo: Russian folk art known for intricate floral designs on trays and metalware.
Petrykivka: Ukrainian folk art style characterized by vibrant floral patterns.
Slavic Women with Easter Baked Goods: A match made in heaven.
Ukrainian Pysanki: Traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs adorned geometric, nature-inspired, spiritually-imbued patterns.
Scenes from a Ukrainian Village: Artwork capturing the charm and simplicity of Ukrainian village life. Rare and limited!
Khokhloma-inspired Birds: Birds and berries in vivid red and yellow, inspired by traditional Russian Khokhloma painting. Rare and limited!
Japanese Sakura and Birds: Cherry blossoms and jewel-toned birds are the perfect Spring aesthetic. Rare and limited!
Beautiful White Ornaments: Intricate black and gold designs shine brightly against the pristine white eggs. Rare and limited!

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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in

Zhostovo, Petrykivka, Slavic Women, Ukrainian Pysanki, Scenes from a Ukrainian Village, Khokhloma-Inspired Birds, Japanese Sakura and Birds, Beautiful White Ornaments


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