Handpainted Mushroom Planter


Ah, the fly agaric mushroom! Iconic, hallucinogenic, cosmopolitan. The fly agaric is the platonic ideal of mushrooms. Not merely a default visual, but the pinnacle of mushrooms. A bright red that draws the eye, a beacon in a dark forest.

It guides your way like the Russian fairy tale figure Old Man Muhomor (the mushroom’s Russian name), a little old gnome with a long white beard and big fly agaric cap, whose purpose is to help the lost find their way. Or like the deliriant effects sought by shamans near and far, and by the people who drank their urine, which contained the euphoric compound not broken down by their bodies.

These plant pots are handpainted by Yana and each one is unique. Large mushrooms, small ones, flat, round, one with a little extra growth – will you be the lucky one that gets that little extra bit of fly agaric guidance?

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Hand-painted ceramic planter, coated and water-safe.
3” x 3”

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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