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  • Strawberry Cordial

    Strawberry Cordial Traditionally, cordials were known as “home wine.” In Russia, there was a lack of vineyards but an abundance of fruit. This fruit was covered in sugar (longer ago, it was honey) after which it released its juices and began to ferment. Eventually — usually in one to six months — this resulted in [...] Continue Reading
  • Pirozhki Recipe

    Learn how to make this absolute classic.

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  • Traditional russian salad Olivie Russian Salad Olivie

    Learn how to make this absolute classic.

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  • Herring Under a Fur Coat

    Herring Under a Fur Coat Just like olivie, vinaigrette, holodets and borsch, Herring Under a Fur Coat, seledka pod shuboi, is a holiday staple. Everyone has their own recipe, which might include hardboiled eggs, fresh apples, greens, cheese and more. They might layer their ingredients in a different order or decorate it in different ways.The [...] Continue Reading
  • Svekolnik | Cold Borsch Svekolnik (Cold Borsch) Recipe

    Hot days, cold borsch.

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  • Okroshka

    Okroshka Refreshingly cold okroshka – a traditional Russian and Ukrainian soup – is one of the most popular dishes to eat during the hot summer months. The word comes from the Russian verb kroshit' (to crumble) or the noun kroshka (crumb). Recipes vary from region to region, but the essence remains: you crumble all the [...] Continue Reading
  • Deruny

    Deruny The essence of deruny lies in their simplicity: grated raw potato, mixed with flour, egg and optionally garlic, fried until golden and crispy. Though they are considered a traditionally Belorussian dish – called draniki – they are commonly found not only in Russia and Ukraine, not only all over Central and Eastern Europe, but [...] Continue Reading
  • Buckwheat with Mushrooms

    According to folklore, there is a kind and savvy spirit living in the buckwheat, who increases the eater’s knowledge and ingenuity. That’s what makes it the ideal breakfast for exam days.

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  • Cottage Cheese Paskha

    Cottage Cheese Paskha This special, cheesecake-like dessert is served on Easter Sunday. It’s made in the shape of a four-sided pyramid so you’ll need a special plastic or wooden mold, called pasochnitsa. You can find these online or substitute with a clean flower pot or any pyramid-shaped mold. The paskha is usually decorated with the [...] Continue Reading
  • Blini Recipe

    Blini Recipe Many of Russia’s greatest authors have attested to the artistry it takes to make good blini. They transcend food to a religious rite, a ritual, an art. The cook – no, the artist – whose skills assessed by the quality of his blini, must know how much batter to pour in the pan [...] Continue Reading
  • Rassolnik

    Hot days, cold borsch.

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  • Borsch

    Vladimir's Authentic Borsch Borsch is a staple in most Eastern European cuisines and for good reason – it’s hearty, delicious, filling and best of all, it’s supposed to be accompanied by vodka. Other sides are black bread, green onions or garlic and salo. 1 to 1½ pounds beef, pork, or chicken (cut into 2-inch pieces)1 tbsp [...] Continue Reading