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Mirror with Ocean-See Waves, Realistic Foam and Bottle for A Message | Gift for Yourself, Housewarming or Any Occasion
Frame: plywood; epoxy resin, sand.
Diameter: 12 inches
Mirror: 4.5 inches

Sometimes people would find in a sea a bottle with a message
Invitations to prospective pen pals and letters to actual or imagined love interests have also been sent as messages in bottles. Use of the term “message in a bottle” has expanded beyond its traditional meaning and has often been of a romantic or poetic nature, or writing a wish so ocean-sea will help to fulfill it.
So, you can do the same and put it in that little bottle


Perhaps the most mythologized element in Slavic mythology is water. It’s not surprising that for the ancient Slavs, water appeared large in their stories and legends; the Water of Life plays essential role. there is also something called the Water of Death.
Water is the source of all that exists. As such, it is tied up in all manner of creation legends. According to the Slavs, it corresponds to primordial chaos, the beginning of the world. In this sense, the ocean is clearly opposed to the organized space of land. Interestingly, since most of Russia is landlocked, there is no separate idea for “ocean” and “sea.” In fact, the character of the “Ocean-sea” is the bedrock of the world, so to speak.
The sea is the favorite subject in Russan and Ukrainian art. The most prominent marine painter is Ivan Aivazovsky. A Crimean native, he was born in Feodosia, a port town, and thus had great waters as a constant companion. He had real knack for depicting waves; light and translucent, they perfectly capture the essence of the real thing.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in

bottle, epoxy resin, plywood, sea glass, shells


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