Felted Bear Cub with Warm Knit Scarf in A Gift Box


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This adorable bear cub is made from natural cat fur (from our very own cats!)
Unique, only one in the world, will never be repeated.
Hand-knit scarf, wooden stump and gift box are included.
Height: 6.5 inches

Needle felting is a unique technique where soft sculptures are made of natural fibers such as wool or animal fur with special needles. It combines diligence, skills, accuracy, imagination, and sometimes pain from the needle. It takes weeks and a lot of patience to create a professional sculpture out of wool with this technique.

Bears were the most worshiped animals of Ancient Slavs. During pagan times, it was associated with the god Volos, the patron of domestic animals. Eastern Slavic folklore describes the bear as a totem personifying a male: father, husband, or a fiancé. Since Russia’s ancient times, the bear has been a highly respected animal. To the ancient Slavs, the bear’s hibernation cycle—hiding underground for the duration of the winter only to come back to life in the spring—made the animal subject to celebration.
Bear worship was also practiced among Western Eurasia and Neanderthal people, as well as in Native American mythology. They are often symbols of strength, wisdom, healing and medicine. The bear appears in many stories as a moral figure who dishes out punishment to animals and humans for improper or disrespectful behavior.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

Felted cat fur, Knitted scarf


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